[Cuis-dev] Visual Bug in installed package and Changes Sorter

Javier Olaechea pirata at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 00:03:03 CST 2017

Hi y'all,

If one sets the font size to very big fonts and then proceeds to open the
Installed Packages tool, one can see that the label from the dirtyflags
pane crosses into the package name pane. I've attached an image where this
can be seen. This also happens in the Change Sorter tool. From my
understanding this happens because the labels are string morphs, which
afaik, draw disregarding the width of their containers.

I'm not very familiar with the morphic toolkit[0]:, the best approach I
came up with involves using String squeezedTo: and notifying the label of
the resizes, however I haven't yet determine how to accomplish the last
part. Any pointers? Or is there a simpler approach?

Also I'm attaching some minor miscellaneous clean-ups

There was a typo CodePackageListWindow buildMorphicWindow (textHeigth =>
textHeight). However, while comparing the code with ChangeSorterWindow
buildMorphicWindow, which follows a similar template/pattern, I found that
they avoided extracting the textHeight from AbstractFont and instead used
the message addMorphKeepMorphHeight. So I removed the temporary variable
and replaced the addMorph: fixedHeight: with addMorphKeepMorphHeight:.

Another thing is that I noticed is that ChangeSorterWindow class
openChangeSorter had a comment about replacing openChangeSorter1 from the
menu when the changes menu was migrated, but openChangeSorter1 only called
ChangeSorterWindow class openChangeSorter so I went ahead and removed

  Javier Olaechea

[0]: Although KenD's layout tour was very helpful, thanks KenD

"I object to doing things that computers can do." — Olin Shivers
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