[Cuis-dev] New commit

Juan Vuletich juanvuletich at gmx.com
Sun Dec 27 14:40:20 CST 2015

Hi Folks,

I just did a new commit to our repo. I included fixes to package loading 
from Ken and me, and the latest TerseGuide by Dan.

Maybe you missed news about previous updates, so I detail them again:
- Moved some seldom used collections to optional packages
- A new preference to show assignment as a left arrow, or as a right 
arrow. The latter is set by default. Idea from Leandro Caniglia.
- Added 32 new glyphs fro mathematical symbols (Check Character class 
methods), also usable as binary selectors
- Superscripts and subscripts. Check the TextEditor, and the help.
- Many less visible fixes and enhancements

Juan Vuletich

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