[Cuis-dev] New email address, problems with hosting service

Juan Vuletich juanvuletich at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 03:52:41 CST 2015

Hi Folks,

Yesterday I found out that my outgoing mail reached nowhere. I tried 
sending mail to emails addressed elsewhere (work, university), and all 
were lost, although they appeared as "sent". A bit of googling showed 
that lots of people are complaining about multiple and serious problems 
with hostgator (where cuis-smalltalk.org and jvuletich.org stuff is 
hosted), including lost email, after a decade of high quality service. 
When I requested support from them for the issues with the old mail list 
archive (a couple of months ago), I was surprised for the low quality of 
customer service, and staff incompetence, compared with the previous 
time I had needed help. People are leaving hostgator en masse.

So, this is my new email address. Please write this address juanvuletich 
a t gmail, and not any longer to my address @jvuletich.org.

As it is very likely that messages I sent recently were lost (both 
private and on the list), in any discussion, public or private, where 
you were expecting an answer from me, but didn't get one, please resend 
your last message or relevant issues, so I can more easily answer again.

The mail list, cuis-dev at cuis-smalltalk.org, seems to be working ok. But 
anyway, please send a message to the list, saying if you seem to be able 
to write to the list and get list traffic without problems, or not.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

Let me repeat: If it looks like suddenly I stopped answering some thread 
or discussion, public or private, please forgive me, and resend stuff to 
me so I can answer again.

Juan Vuletich

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